Building Better Customer Experiences

Published 09/18/2014 by Digital Transactions

Creating the digital experiences of the future requires leveraging technologies that help build the best customer experiences. Last week’s e-SignLive E-Signature Summit & User Conference in Las Vegas brought together organizations that are building transformational experiences for their customers using e-signatures. Leading banks, insurance companies and government organizations met for the two-day event to share […]

5 Steps to Getting Started With E-Signatures

Published 09/16/2014 by Electronic signatures can lead to major process gains when established effectively.

Implementing electronic signature software can go a long way toward helping organizations go paperless and improve processes across a variety of departments.

5 Reasons to Adopt E-Signature Solutions for Internal Documents

Published 09/15/2014 by Electronic signature solutions can lead to considerable operational gains when used for internal business documents.

Electronic signature policy can help organizations of any size streamline the process of gathering employee information and getting workers to sign forms like policy contracts or non-disclosure agreements.

3 Ways E-Signature Solutions Help Companies Go Paperless

Published 09/12/2014 by E-signatures can play a key role in helping organizations go paperless.

Eliminating paper in offices leads to significant costs savings in terms of materials, printing and shipping expenses.

ROI Equation for E-signature Adoption Has to Include Customers

Published 09/11/2014 by Crowd

Improvements with regard to workflow, compliance, legal protection and cost efficiency are all extremely important reasons for incorporating e-signatures into business. Time is saved because there is no more chasing after parties for “wet” signatures, and no copying, mailing, or physical filing.  Paperwork can be signed face-to-face on a mobile device or it can be […]

3 Reasons to Embrace Digital Signatures

Published 09/10/2014 by Digital signatures play a key role in providing protection for data pertaining to digital signatures.

Digital signatures make up the key difference between basic electronic signatures and enhanced e-signature solutions.

CRM Plus E-Signatures = Better Customer Experience

Published 09/09/2014 by CRM and ESignatures

Bank Systems and Technology recently reported on an Ernst and Young study that found that 41 percent of survey respondents chose to open a bank account based on customer experience. It was also reported that the most common reason customers opened or closed accounts was the sales experience with their financial services provider. Regardless of the industry, […]

Weekly News Roundup – 9.6.14

Published 09/06/2014 by

September is already here and while that means that summer is almost over, it also means that we have a conference coming up.

Are You Ready for The Best E-Signature Event of the Year?

Published 09/05/2014 by E-Signature User Conference and Summit

The e-SignLive E-Signature Summit and User Conference 2014 has so much to offer, many are saying that this will be the best e-signature event of the year! You don’t want to miss out on the lineup for Wednesday, September 10: Best Practices: Building Mobile Signing Experiences: Join TJ Witte and Senior Technical Consultant, and Simon […]

Electronic Signatures and the Rise of Connected Learning

Published 09/04/2014 by Connected learning is contributing to major changes in education.

Electronic signature software helps organizations improve internal processes and interact with consumers more easily.