3 Vital Issues to Keep in Mind When Deploying Mobile Electronic Signatures

Published 03/02/2015 by

Bringing electronic signature software to smartphones and tablets is becoming more important to businesses, and you need to be prepared to choose the right solution to meet your users’ demands.

5 Ways to Customize an E-Signature Process

Published 02/27/2015 by There are many ways to customize the e-signing process based on your user groups.

Capturing someone’s intent electronically can be as simple as having them click a box saying they have read and agree to terms, but a simple method like that won’t always hold up in court.

And the Survey Says…

Published 02/26/2015 by Image from GetApp's Blog: GetData's Most Important Factors When Choosing Cloud Apps

As part of GetApp’s independent research, GetData asked 1,000 US-based small and medium-sized business owners what they look for when choosing cloud software for their business. According to the findings, security is what they value most in a cloud based solution. We couldn’t agree more. Last year, e-SignLive set a precedent as the first cloud-based e-signature […]

3 Questions Public Sector Organizations Should Ask When Deploying E-Signatures

Published 02/25/2015 by E-signatures can play a key role in improving government processes.

Electronic signature software solutions can be fairly simple to deploy and use, but organizations that want to maximize the technology will customize and fine tune the signing process to meet their specific needs.

3 E-Signature User Authentication Tips

Published 02/23/2015 by User authentication doesn't have to be extremely complex to be valid.

User authentication is one of the greatest perceived roadblocks to adopting electronic signature software.

E-Signatures: The New Standard for Signing Contracts

Published 02/20/2015 by esignatures for contracts

Businesses and government rely on signatures to control and audit business decisions, reduce risk and ensure compliance. But many organizations struggle to balance the need for signatures with the pressure to modernize and go digital, especially in paper-intensive contracting processes. Contracts involve a constant flow of paperwork. The irony is most of this paperwork is […]

How to Delegate Signing Authority in e-SignLive

Published 02/19/2015 by how to delegate e-signing

An employee who receives supplier agreements, vendor contracts, or expense reports, may not necessarily be the same employee who has the signing authority to e-sign these particular documents. High value transactions in particular may need signatures from specific executives, directors or managers within the organization. So how do you get the right people to e-sign […]

Electronic Signatures Proving Invaluable in Recruiting Sector

Published 02/18/2015 by Recruiters are using e-signatures to improve operations without sacrificing regulatory compliance.

Regulatory compliance regulations are becoming more difficult to deal with across a variety of sectors, and strict regulations are putting significant pressure on recruiters.

Latest e-signature news round up – 2.17.2015

Published 02/17/2015 by

While most of the Northeast has spent the past couple of weeks dealing with seemingly endless quantities of snow. However, the e-signature industry keeps on churning and we keep coming back with more tidbits of news to keep you up to date. Check out this week’s spate of news items before the next blizzard strikes: […]

3 Reasons to Use E-Signature Solutions in Automotive Retail

Published 02/13/2015 by E-signatures can pay dividends for auto retailers.

Sales workers in the automotive sector need to deal with many of the complexities and regulatory challenges that come up in the real estate industry, but they must pack this complexity into a relatively quick transaction.