Most Anticipated E-Signature Sessions

Published 09/02/2014 by Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas

We’re packing our bags for the e-SignLive E-Signature Summit and User Conference 2014 being held at the Bellagio September 8-10.  In an earlier post we filled you in on the keynotes. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have multiple sessions and training courses throughout the event. The details are all in the […]

Weekly News Roundup – 8.30.14

Published 08/30/2014 by Weekly News Roundup - 8.30.14

Weekly News Roundup – 8.30.14

Non-Tech Savvy Clients Underline Importance of E-Signature Solutions

Published 08/29/2014 by The complications of going back to paper-based documents for niche user groups emphasizes the value of e-signatures.

Electronic signature software and other digital documentation technologies are revolutionizing how businesses handle internal processes and interact with customers.

Electronic Signatures Among Reasons to Get Excited About SBA’s Efforts

Published 08/28/2014 by Recent digitization efforts from the SBA could pay off for banks and small businesses alike.

The Small Business Administration has been getting a reputation for innovation in recent months as administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet has worked to streamline many of the processes that impact small businesses.

E-Signatures: The New Normal in Banking

Published 08/27/2014 by The New Normal - E-Signatures in Banking

At the start of the year, Royal Bank of Canada’s (RBC) investment sales team made some changes to the way they handle business. According to Brian Jackson, editor, e-SignLive electronic signature technology is used to capture signatures on a digital pad. “Not only is the new process saving a lot of dead trees,” writes […]

It’s Too Big to Stay in Vegas

Published 08/26/2014 by Bellagio

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” isn’t going to happen at the Bellagio September 8-10. The value is just too great to keep to yourself. That’s when the e-SignLive E-Signature Summit and User Conference 2014 will take place. It is a terrific opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest innovations in e-signature technology. […]

Costa Rica Embracing Electronic Signatures for Public Services

Published 08/25/2014 by E-signatures are rising even in nations like Costa Rica.

The public sector is one of the clearest use cases for electronic signature software.

Weekly News Roundup – 8.23.14

Published 08/23/2014 by Weekly News Roundup - 8.23.14

This week is marked by a big announcement of our own, so forgive us if we’re in a bit of a rush to move into the key news without much preamble. Here goes:

Where Miracles Happen

Published 08/22/2014 by Nurturing

“Parents have dreams and make plans for their unborn babies,” writes Helen Wolkowicz in her feature article printed in the Montreal Gazette. Giving birth to an extremely premature baby isn’t part of those plans. Such was the case for Valerie Daude Carrière and Philip Kerub. After years of trying to conceive, they finally succeeded with […]

Putting the “C” Back in CRM

Published 08/21/2014 by CRM

Businesses know that in order to be successful, they need to be customer obsessed and put the customer first. Yet, many companies struggle with defining and executing their customer engagement strategies. How can you make this a priority at your organization? And what can you do to better serve and engage with customers to build […]