Remote E-Signatures Eliminate Boundaries for Banks

Published 05/29/2015 by BlogImage-2015k

Once upon a time, banking was done within four walls.  Today we have the Internet.  It connects pretty much everyone everywhere.  There is only one problem with doing business virtually: the signature on the bottom line. Now, even that has changed with electronic signatures.  Consumers are looking to their banks to provide simple mobile banking experiences. […]

Authenticating Your Signers in e-SignLive for Salesforce

Published 05/28/2015 by Businessman pushing virtual security button on digital background

E-signatures are a fast and convenient way for sales teams to close deals remotely and shorten the sales cycle from weeks to days. Instead of chasing paperwork, you can focus on value-added activities such as relationship building and selling to your prospects. Unlike the paper world, the majority of transactions in the digital domain are […]

Unplug from Office Life with the New Delegate Access Feature

Published 05/25/2015 by Delegate Access

You can’t be everywhere all the time but with the help of mobile technologies, the anytime-anywhere office is a reality for many of us. This means you have immediate access to your inbox, files and transactions from just about anywhere. While this is becoming the norm in business today, it’s important to unplug from office […]

Are Signers Deleting Your Email Notifications?

Published 05/22/2015 by BlogImage-2015g2

As the e-signature choice for business, it is important to us that our customers are able to offer their customers a straightforward, seamless e-sign transaction. Seamless is a good metaphor for the hand-off point between your system and the e-SignLive server, when that transition is invisible to the signer. This is done by white-labelling the […]

A CIO’s Checklist for E-Signatures

Published 05/21/2015 by BlogImage-2015i

Electronic signature technology started out more than 20 years ago as a relatively unknown way to take paper forms out of employees’ and customers’ hands and move them online into a secure, automated process. Today, e-signature solutions are popular with organizations and IT departments looking to bring companies into the digital and mobile business era. […]

Securing Multi-party Signatures for Audit Purposes

Published 05/20/2015 by BlogImage-2015h3

The majority of business transactions in the digital domain are conducted remotely over the web. Many involve multiple participants, with various sections of a form or contract requiring each signing party to complete their respective data fields and apply a signature. When it comes to securing multiple signatures in a document, there’s a fundamental difference […]

Are People Talking About You? It Matters.

Published 05/14/2015 by BlogImage-2015c

As the e-signature market matures and vendors consolidate or are acquired – think DocuSign’s recent acquisition of ARX and Citrix’s acquisition of RightSignature – customer satisfaction is more important than ever. It seems every vendor is promoting their commitment to customer service and experience. But while vendors market themselves as mavens of customer service, the […]

3 Common E-Signature Delivery Models and What They Can Do For You

Published 05/13/2015 by BlogImage2s

Electronic signature software can be delivered in a variety of ways.

Setting Reminders and Expirations in e-SignLive for Salesforce

Published 05/12/2015 by Red bow on finger, isolated on white background

When it comes to sending sales contracts to prospects for signature, time is of the essence. Our e-SignLive for Salesforce app helps organizations digitize their sales process by securely sending documents for e-signature without ever leaving Salesforce. A powerful feature found in the latest version of e-SignLive for Salesforce is our new built-in reminders and […]

5 E-Signature Myths that Canadian Brokers Still Believe, But Shouldn’t

Published 05/07/2015 by Thumbnail_infographic

Electronic signature software has emerged as a popular technology across a wide range of industries, but many insurance brokers still believe some of the common myths that exist about the technology. Many Canadian brokers still fall prey to these myths for a variety of reasons – ranging from news coverage that uses the term “e-signature” to cover any […]