Electronic Signatures Can Support Paperless Office Efforts

Published 04/17/2014 by Mary-Ellen Power E-signature software can promote paperless office strategies.

Electronic signature policies can enable organizations to eliminate paper in the workplace and, in doing so, get rid of waste.

Saving the Planet, One E-Signature at a Time

Published 04/16/2014 by Mary-Ellen Power Earth Day is around the corner. Are your signature processes helping the environment?

Earth Day is around the corner and many businesses are stopping to take a close look at their day-to-day operations and consider ways to be more environmentally friendly.

Electronic Signature Software Could Revolutionize Union Operations

Published by Mary-Ellen Power Electronic signature software can eliminate inefficiencies in a variety of records management functions.

Federal guidelines for union activity are under revision, and plenty of debate is still happening around possible regulations.

Mortgage Lenders Have Plenty of Options for E-Signature Policy

Published 04/14/2014 by Mary-Ellen Power E-signature solutions can improve mortgage lending processes.

Financial services firms can find themselves in a great deal of trouble when trying to handle signature processes.

Electronic signature policies could be solution to possible voter fraud

Published 04/11/2014 by Mary-Ellen Power Voting issues highlight how e-signature software can help organizations with user authentication.

Officials in North Carolina are exploring the possibility that rampant voter fraud has had an impact on state and local elections.

Electronic Signature Software Among Solutions to Payment Fraud

Published 04/09/2014 by Mary-Ellen Power Retailers can use e-signatures to help protect against credit/debit card fraud.

Credit and debit card fraud can be a thorn in the side of any business, but many large retailers have found themselves particularly struggling with the issue.

Electronic Signatures Provide Key Security Functionality

Published 04/07/2014 by Mary-Ellen Power Electronic signature solutions can establish a foundation for secure data management processes.

Recent large-scale data breaches and general concern over personal privacy in digital spaces has left many wondering if their data is secure.

E-Signatures Get Nod of Approval From Major Insurer

Published 04/04/2014 by Mary-Ellen Power E-signatures are rising across the life insurance sector.

New technologies almost always face an adoption cycle that features a major breakthrough when a few major organizations in an industry embrace the solution.

Mobility Changing the Enterprise Landscape – Holistic Planning Needed

Published 04/02/2014 by Mary-Ellen Power Mobile technologies are rising in a variety of enterprise sectors, making solutions like e-signature software vital.

The scale of changes being brought on by adding mobility to a line of business or across the enterprise is such that organizations need to think of everything from network connectivity to electronic signature functionality as they develop their plans.

Technology that Helps Businesses Keep Pace

Published 03/31/2014 by Mary-Ellen Power E-signatures can eliminate paperwork and help businesses create value in a digital world.

The prevalence of the mobile channel is influencing the way businesses stay on top of  technological change, using technology like e-signatures to keep pace.