High E-Signature Use Rates Key to Maximizing ROI

Published 04/27/2015 by E-signatures can help financial advisors engage customers in diverse ways.

Businesses deploying electronic signature software often do so in such a way that employees and customers can use the technology as they wish, but do not necessary have to transition to the new solution.

Electronic Signatures a Linchpin for European Digitization Strategies

Published 04/23/2015 by

The European Commission is working to help companies in the EU stay competitive with Internet giants like Facebook and Google.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving for Administrative Professionals’ Day #ESIGN

Published 04/22/2015 by Administrative Professionals' Day

April 22 is Administrative Professionals Day.  You could pick up a Hallmark card to commemorate the day with a quaint sentiment like “Thanks for all you do” or “You’re someone who deserves to be celebrated every day”.  Other ideas for celebration include planning the annual lunch or handing out an appreciation plaque.  Or the occasion […]

How to get started with e-SignLive e-Signatures for Box

Published 04/21/2015 by 20141215-e-SignLive-for-Box

Do you store your contracts, agreements, or any other document that requires a signature on Box? Our e-SignLive e-Signatures for Box app will help you automate your existing workflows by securely sending your documents for e-signature to your partners, suppliers and employees directly from your Box account. By leveraging e-SignLive’s core e-signature capabilities through Box, […]

3 Common E-Signature Myths

Published 04/20/2015 by Look past common e-signature myths and you'll find a powerful, easy-to-use technology.

Electronic signature software isn’t a new technology, but it is a relatively recent addition to mainstream culture.

5 Unexpected Use Cases for E-Signatures

Published 04/17/2015 by There are plenty of unexpected places where e-signatures can offer value.

Electronic signatures can be used in diverse ways, in a wide range of industries.

Tax Day: Two Things are for Sure

Published 04/15/2015 by Tax Day - Words Circled on Wall Calendar

According to Benjamin Franklin, and many after him, there are only two things in life that are certain – death and taxes. While you may be able to prolong your life with healthy food and exercise, there’s nothing that can be done about April 15.  In the US, either the tax forms or the filing […]

3 Decisions to Make When Deploying Electronic Signatures in Life Insurance

Published 04/14/2015 by

The life insurance sector faces complex sales processes and complicated contracts that leave clients feeling overwhelmed.

Willing to Go the Extra Mile for Customers

Published 04/13/2015 by G2 Crowd Extra Mile

Businesses that need to purchase software are increasingly turning to peer-review sites like G2 Crowd to help support their decision making processes with unbiased software recommendations from their peers. Based on more than 1,300 reviews, G2 Crowd’s Spring 2015 Grid℠ for E-Signature was published last week and for the fourth consecutive time, e-SignLive by Silanis was named […]

3 Reasons to Deploy End-to-End Digital Transactions in Financial Services

Published 04/10/2015 by Digitization can be invaluable for credit unions.

Financial services firms have new opportunities to engage customers in meaningful ways, generating new lines of revenue.