Birthday Cards: Top E-Signature Use Case According to Customer Survey

Published 04/01/2015 by Happy April Fool's Day!

Use cases and requirements for e-signature transactions vary from organization to organization. We’ve been in the e-signature business for over 22 years and have seen it all – from the most simple to the most complex e-signing requirements. When people think about e-signatures, they think about the use cases that can replace “wet” paper and […]

Electronic Signatures a Catalyst for Faster Car Purchasing

Published 03/31/2015 by

The retail industry has experienced significant disruption in the past decade, and the resulting environment is one in which customers are expecting fast, responsive shopping experiences.

Will the CFPB Delay their August 1st Implementation Deadline?

Published 03/30/2015 by Will the CFPB Delay their August 1st

Just days ago, National Mortgage News reported comments made by Steven Antonakes, Deputy Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which created the impression the CFPB might be open to delaying the August 1, 2015 implementation deadline of their new mortgage disclosure forms. Soon after, the publication reported that CFPB spokesman Sam Gilford clarified the […]

5 Steps to Getting an E-Signature Project Off to a Good Start

Published 03/27/2015 by A good e-signature platform can deliver value in a variety of ways.

Electronic signature software can help organizations in a variety of sectors improve operations in response to an increasingly digital world.

5 Quick Tips for Using E-Signatures in Health Care

Published 03/26/2015 by E-signatures can help health care organizations eliminate cumbersome paper-based processes.

The technological revolution that has been taking place in the health care industry has created a variety of new operational challenges.

Train, Train and Train Again: Building the Foundation for a Successful E-signature Transformation

Published 03/25/2015 by With the right training, your halls will be buzzing with e-signature champions

New technologies and processes can be daunting, particularly when they need to be incorporated into day-to-day operations. Champions, those who embrace and promote the benefits of the change, are essential to the success of moving to e-signatures.  But no matter how much hoopla there is around e-signatures, there still is a learning curve. People need […]

Permanently Delete Paper from Your Spring Cleaning Ritual

Published 03/23/2015 by Office spring cleaning tips

The sun is shining and the temperatures are rising. As the season changes so does the need to clean out the old and bring in the new. Spring-cleaning brings up thoughts of raking up the leaves and removing the dust that has settled over the long winter months but the annual ritual is also applicable […]

Efficiency a Major Priority in the Public Sector

Published 03/20/2015 by Process innovation is a key component to reducing costs in government.

Operational efficiency has been a priority in a variety of sectors since the recession, and government agencies have been facing a great deal of pressure to improve operations while dealing with minimal budgets.

3 Ways E-Signature Technology Creates an ROI

Published 03/19/2015 by E-signatures deliver value in diverse ways.

Deploying electronic signature software can help organizations solve a variety of operational challenges.