e-Sign for Government – Solutions for the Mobile Government Worker

Published 07/21/2014 by e-Sign for Government

Government workers are increasingly mobile—working more often in the field, at home or while commuting. The shift to mobile means new challenges for delivering government services to citizens, external partners and other government agencies and personnel. Falling prices, ease of use and the availability of mobile apps for virtually every application has led to the […]

Weekly News Roundup – 7.18.14

Published 07/19/2014 by

Summer is flying back and with it has come another week of key news in the electronic signature sector.

Lawmakers Pushing for More E-Signature Use in Government

Published 07/18/2014 by Efforts are still underway to encourage e-signature use in government.

Three of the lawmakers who were behind the original E-SIGN Act of 2000 recently submitted a letter encouraging the government to push for increased electronic signature use.

Electronic Signatures Play Vital Role in Auto Seller’s New Project

Published 07/17/2014 by E-signature deployments among car dealerships sheds light on how businesses can take advantage of the technology.

It is easy for consumers to feel helpless when they are buying a car as they need to pull out retail purchasing tricks like negotiating, wading through complex contracts and dealing with an extended sales process.

The Canadian Perspective: Legal Best Practices for e-Signatures in Insurance part I

Published 07/16/2014 by Putting down the pen and picking up the stylus

Daniel Fabiano presented a webinar* “Insurance Documentation: E-Signature & E-Delivery” with Silanis. To listen to the complete transcript, download it here. Mr. Fabiano is a partner at Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP. In this capacity, he advises technology providers, developers and users in a number of capacities including Internet, e-commerce platforms, social media, licensing and privacy […]

How to Roll Out Electronic Signatures in a Credit Union

Published 07/15/2014 by Electronic signatures replace pen and paper loan applications

Electronic signatures improve member service in credit unions, but only if financial institutions smoothly roll out e-signature solutions.

Electronic Disclosures – More Popular Than Ever, But How to Prove Compliance?

Published 07/14/2014 by Cartoon: Disclosures - by Randy Glasbergen

A few weeks ago, I came across a terrific blog from Garth Graham, Partner with mortgage banking consulting firm Stratmor Group. In it, he talks about Stratmor’s annual workshops with lenders and how in 2012, the firm surveyed the lenders in attendance and found that only a handful were using electronic disclosures. A year later, […]

3 Reasons E-Signatures are Invaluable for Municipal and Local Governments

Published 07/11/2014 by E-signature solutions can be invaluable for municipal and local governments.

Government entities face a variety of unique challenges that pressure them to strive for process excellence.

Bassano v. Toft & Ors Eliminates Ambiguity for E-Signature Use in Credit Contracts

Published 07/10/2014 by E-signatures now have another layer of legal validity based on court decisions.

Electronic signature policy has become extremely solid and effective in many areas of law, but there are still a few frontiers where guidelines are being developed.

E-Signatures Could Prove Important in Football..errr…Soccer

Published 07/09/2014 by E-signatures can pay dividends for football clubs making trades or, really, any businesses facing complex contract discussions over distance.

Let’s put the football vs. soccer nomenclature debate aside and talk about the sport as football as we are dealing with the European game, as major leagues still have monolithic rules that hold back trades.