How E-Signatures Maximize Workflow Efficiency

Published 11/27/2015 by
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The goal of moving to a fully digital signing workflow is to increase operational efficiency, while making it easier for people to do business with your company. To achieve maximum benefits in these areas, an electronic signature must to do more than just enable your customers, partners and employees to electronically sign documents anytime, anywhere, […]

Building the Bank of the Future

Published 11/25/2015 by Bank of the Future

The banking industry is changing fast. But traditional banks are sitting on dated legacy systems that are preventing them from delivering on the digital experiences that their consumers want and expect. While banks continue to focus on growth, they face stiff competition from fintech startups combined with digital disruption that is challenging the way they […]

7 Ways to Future-Proof Your eSignature Investment

Published 11/23/2015 by

No two signing workflows are alike. When you consider variations in the number of people and documents involved, the most appropriate method for authenticating people and capturing their signatures in each channel, and the different laws and regulations governing how workflows and transactions must be executed, an endless number of combinations is possible. Adding even […]

How to Tell if an E-Signature Provider is Invested in Your Success

Published 11/20/2015 by
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If you’re like a lot of our customers here at e-SignLive, chances are you recognize the value e-signatures can bring to your entire operations. While you may be planning to start your e-signature initiative in one area of your business, your goal is to roll out a solution across multiple departments and lines of business […]

Why Security & Risk Professionals Need to Play a Key Role in Selecting E-Signature

Published 11/18/2015 by Security & Risk

In a report published last week by Forrester Research titled, S&R Pros Must Play an Outsized Role In Selecting and Implementing E-Signature, analysts highlight that security should continue to be a top consideration and as a result, security and risk (S&R) professionals must insert themselves into the e-signature evaluation and selection process. Too often however, S&R […]

Best Practices for Building YOUR e-Signature Workflow

Published 11/17/2015 by Diagram2b

Most people view e-signature technology as a means of capturing consent. But an e-signature solution actually does much more than this. In order to produce an enforceable end result, it has to be able to manage the entire signing process. That includes the following steps: 1. Give signers access to the documents; 2. Authenticate signers; 3. Present […]

10 Questions Every Buyer Should Ask their E-Signature Vendor

Published 11/16/2015 by

A lot is at stake when moving your signing workflows into the digital domain. That’s why choosing the right e-signature solution and provider is critically important. When done right, e-signatures can bring tremendous efficiency gains, cost-savings and increased compliance to your organization – not to mention happier customers, partners and employees as they’re empowered to […]

e-SignLive Developer Community: Employment Opportunity for Evangelists

Published 11/13/2015 by Choosing right candidate

As many of you have seen, we now have a new e-SignLive Developer Community. We have only been up and running for a couple months, but already have over 150 community members and several great questions and answers in the forums. The best part is, this is only phase 1. There are at least a […]

Cloud First, infrastructure later? Hey, Federal IT, no need to wait

Published 11/11/2015 by e-signature

Are you familiar with the Cloud First policy? For those who are not, it’s a government mandate that demands public sector agencies consider cloud services first for all purchases—a way of ensuring that IT invests in the most efficient, agile and scalable solutions. They’ve also been known to deliver superior customer experiences. We’re coming up […]

Keeping Your SharePoint Workflows 100% Digital with e-SignLive

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We were at KM World SharePoint Symposium last week and chatted with hundreds of Microsoft SharePoint users and administrators about how this popular content management platform has transformed their organizations to help digitize the way they organize, store and share documents with stakeholders. But are these organizations using SharePoint truly 100% digital? SharePoint is a […]