Which E-Signature Deployment Option Is Right For Your Business?

Published 07/29/2015 by Cloud

Deciding how to deploy an e-signature solution that will support your business is a tough decision. There is really no right or wrong answer. Many of the buyers we speak to only make a decision once they’ve defined their e-signature use cases and assessed their business needs, IT expertise and infrastructure. What’s interesting is that even […]

Four Ways to Get Started with e-SignLive

Published 07/28/2015 by get started grunge retro red isolated ribbon stamp

The four ways to use e-SignLive are using the provided UI, the Java SDK, the .NET SDK, and the REST API. Throughout the previous 8 weeks, I have created simple tutorial blogs showing step-by-step examples of how you can get started with each of these methods, in a series named “e-SignLive for New Users”. This […]

e-SignLive for New Users: Check Package Status and Download Files (REST API)

Published 07/24/2015 by Application programming interface sign. Technology concept

This will be the final post in the “e-SignLive for New Users” blog series. Last time, I showed you how to create and send a package with the e-SignLive REST API using C# and Microsoft Visual Studio. This week, I will cover some things you can do after sending the package, like: Checking the package/signing […]

Save Time with the New Bulk Send Feature

Published 07/20/2015 by Email marketing  design over white background, vector illustration.

If you have ever been tasked with sending out a standard document that needs to be e-signed by dozens or even hundreds of people, you’ll love our new Bulk Send feature. It’s an easy way to send the same document to multiple recipients without having to prepare individual packages. Look for this feature in our […]

Highest Rated Software for Small to Midsized Businesses

Published 07/17/2015 by e-signature for SMB on G2Crowd.com

This week, business software review site G2 Crowd published a list of the 21 highest rated business products for small to midsized businesses. e-SignLive rounds out the top three solutions, coming in with the second highest user satisfaction rating of all products reviewed by SMB professionals. Lists from sites like G2 Crowd make it easier […]

How to Mitigate User Identity Risks in a Faceless Environment

Published 07/16/2015 by manage your risk concept on touch screen

As a child of the 90’s, one of my favorite board games was “Guess Who?” Two players pick a character card each, and then guess who their opponent has by asking questions to eliminate possible options.  Unlike the fun board game, organizations can’t risk playing a guessing game to know if they are transacting with […]

e-SignLive for New Users: How to Create and Send Your First Package (REST API)

Published 07/15/2015 by Pixelated acronym API made from cubes, mosaic pattern

The completion of the “e-SignLive for New Users” series is near. So far, I have covered simple examples of using the e-SignLive UI, Java SDK, and .NET SDK. You can see the full list of posts at the bottom of this blog. The final two blogs in the series will cover using the e-SignLive REST […]

Your Brand Matters in the Mobile World

Published 07/13/2015 by iStock_000045376718_Large

Mobility is on every company’s radar as more transactions are completed on a mobile device. Take e-SignLive as an example. Of all the e-signing processed by our servers, close to half occurs on mobile devices. We expect mobile usage to increase steadily as consumers and professionals turn to their trusted mobile device to complete transactions. […]

5 Ways E-Signatures Benefit Banks

Published 07/09/2015 by BlogImage-2015q

Banks and financial services providers are digitizing their business processes to provide a better customer experience and at the same time, improve compliance.  Fortunately, an electronic signature solution that is built on digital signature technology provides a secure and compliant means to automate transactions that require the customer’s signature. But these are not the only […]

Why Data Residency Matters to Digital Business

Published 07/08/2015 by Data Residency

Do you know where your data is? Most organizations don’t, but they want to. Today, cloud adoption continues to grow at unprecedented rates and businesses around the globe are increasingly concerned about where their data resides. As organizations support borderless digital business scenarios and move customer-facing transactions to the cloud, there is a growing need […]