One insurer estimates $2.5 to $5 millions in savings each year with e-signatures.

State of the industry

E-Signature adoption among insurance carriers, agents and producers is quickly reaching critical mass. The modern customer is driving the shift from paper to all-electronic processes. Changing consumer preferences and mobility are converging with e-applications, e-signatures and automated underwriting to shape the future of insurance purchases.

Eight of the 15 largest insurance carriers in North America have responded to this market pressure and standardized enterprise-wide on Silanis e-signatures – some processing upwards of 1 million electronically signed insurance transactions annually. Electronic signatures are being used today for a wide variety of customer-facing processes including new business applications, disclosure delivery, policy delivery, servicing and claims.

The value of electronic signatures in insurance is proven. Silanis customers have reported a decrease in not-in-good-order rates (NIGO) by up to 75 percent, cut costs by $5 million annually, improved customer retention by 14 percent and can now close new business in a single session.

Are e-signatures legal?

GEICO case upholds UETA – electronic signatures and records meet the ‘in writing’ requirement

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The federal e-SIGN and state UETA laws establish the validity of electronic signatures for use in insurance. And the courts have clearly recognized e-signatures, as demonstrated by the cases Barwick v. Geico or by Long v. Time Insurance Company where the use of e-signatures was upheld. But simply meeting the requirements of ESIGN and UETA is not enough in order to ensure a strong legal position and avoid legal and compliance risk.

Silanis offers insurers the most comprehensive and reliable electronic evidence.  With our process evidence, you can prove how you established signer intent and completed the transaction. This includes reproducing the appearance and order of all of the web screens, documents and legal disclosures that were presented to the signer; the time spent on each page; and all actions taken during the review and signing process, such as clicking on buttons to accept, sign, initial and confirm. Silanis has helped one leading auto insurer deflect more than two million customer disputes based on the persuasive evidence available with our e-signature technology.


These and many other organizations have chosen Silanis e-SignLive because e-signatures matter to their business:

Key Industry Partners

Silanis has been a proud IBM partner since 2006. As the preferred e-signature and e-vaulting provider for IBM, our e-sign solutions are integrated into the IBM industry frameworks and run on IBM middleware and hardware, and many of our customers rely on IBM consulting and professional services to bring their business online with e-signatures.
Silanis and HP Exstream bring together two essential pieces of any successful straight-though processing effort – electronic signatures and customer communication management.
Aplifi, a leading provider of Life & Annuity Order Management, Client Management and Electronic Document Delivery solutions for the financial services and insurance market segments, has integrated with Silanis’ e-SignLive service to provide e-signatures within the Aplifi AFFIRM platform and Aplifi PolicyBox.
Silanis is the preferred e-signature solution within Ebix’s offerings used by hundreds of thousands of brokers and insurance companies worldwide.